Cubes English Language lesson #1

1. What activities do you see in the pictures?

2. What do you do on your days off?

3. ________ do you do in your free time?

________ do you do?

________ do you go with?

4. What are the 6 “WH” question words?

5. ________ ________ do you go?

6. Once a day.

Twice a week.

3 times a month.

4 times a year.

7. How often do you do them?

8. Read the listening script…

What does Adam do in his free time?

Where does he play?

Who does he play with?

How often does he play?

9. I play

He plays

You do

She does

We like

It likes

They don’t like

He doesn’t like

10. Make questions using the language you have learned in this lesson.

I hope this lesson helps your English.

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